Re-designing Christmas

Few days ago I saw an advertisement for charity work during the Christmas period in Time-out magazine. Since I am in London without family and friends I asked my roommate Martin if he would like to go with me to help homeless people over the Christmas. We started to call the available numbers.  The first charity was not expecting the volunteers, their capacity were full, the second one was not replying, because they do not work on sundays. Some of the charities were not excepting volunteers without a special induction. Then I decided we can try to contact some churches offering the same service. We called one and they told us that the church is closed over the Christmas holidays and that they had organised a Christmas lunch for the homeless on the 15th of December.
Since Martin is a muslim and I was not with my family to celebrate the traditional Christmas evening  we decided to decorate the tree in front of our window in the end. It was so much fun. Today we went to Greenwich and saw a lot of lonely people drinking in bars alone.