Las friday Design Futures course had an official event for presenting dissertation proposals, called Design Salon. It is an event where students have to invite their own guests that might be intertested in their proposals. Each student has a 5 minute presentation and 5 min feedback from the audience.
It was amazing to see, how the pressure of the event forced us to become clear about our research interests. In the last 14 days, thanks to Bianca, Svenja, Jenny and Hannah, we framed and shaped our thoughts very successfully, so the event came out really good. I keep on thinking how the last minute focus almost always produces very good solutions, since the body and the mind have to concentrate on the present moment and some sort of pragmatic creativity emerges.
Since it was the first time in Design Futures history that it did not rain on the day of the event, we could extend our conversations preparing a picnic on the College Green. Such a lucky day.