The Seeker Project

Few members of Trapez, decided to join the Seeker project, coordinated and conceptualised by Angelo Vermeulen. Seeker explores in an experimental way the integration of the technological, ecological and social systems that enable long-term survival in a spaceship. Instead of keeping the various functions connected to living, working and technology separated, the Seeker community sets out to create hybrid, closed systems that favour sustainability and stimulate interconnection.

Trapez's contribution was to research on space eating and cooking possibilities and connect it with local rituals and ingredients. Two aspects of such considerations especially evoked our attention. Firstly how to use waste as an urban vegetation, a rejected ready-made, to build self-sustainable cooking appliances. And secondly how to design an eating/cooking experience to become a participatory act, supporting social interaction and exchange of situated knowledges (connected to our locality and trans-locality) while exploring the line between the limitation of resources alongside with the needs and desires of our coincidental space compagnons.

We decided to design a kitchen as the primal space of socialising and put the cook at the centre of attention. We served Space Ričet and Space Potica, two very typical local dishes, adjusted to the limitations of space cooking. For Ričet the food distiller was built in order to simulate the taste of meat which is hard to preserve on a long distance trip. We decided to use the perfume instead.