Falopia Japonica, a Friendly Enemy (Speculative Workshop)

Through pinpointing a very specific indicator of the current socio-political order such as the emergence of the invasive plants, especially the Japanese Knotweed, we can question how can we produce alternative dynamics of situated co-existence.

The workshop aim was to think through such an example and ideate new synergies between the man and the environment, plan collaborative activities, find new ways to use the plant for food production, healing and well-being and/or designing new sustainable materials ...

Local experts from the fields of sociology, biology, pharmacy and political sciences together with the interested community of participants collaboratively explored the potentialities of edible invasive species.

After informative introductions, participants started to prototype their own future scenarios. The event ended with the round of reflections and a discussion to set the ground for further actions.

Link to the workshop's webpage.
Workshop was facilitated in collaboration with Servis8 in MAO, Museum of Design and Architecture as a part of BIO50 event series.