Knowing Food (Temporary Design Collective)

As a part of the BIO50 Design Biennal in Ljubljana the Knowing Food collective framed collaborative as well as individual projects which focused on the social aspects of practices connected to food and everyday life.

While researching current needs in the neighbourhood where the museum is located, our multydisciplinary collective organised several events and workshops with the local community.

A set of commoning actions such as: swapping local seedlings exchange, balcony gardening workshop, urban foraging field trips and a temporary local food swap market were planned in order to raise awareness about reasons for strenghtening the local food resilience, social interactions and creating a supporting link between the cultural institution and the local residences.

Mentors: Digna Kosse, Lucas Mullié (Food- curators). Local participants: Gaja Mežnarić Osole, Jan Kikelj, Leonora Jakovljević, Nuša Jelenec, Katarina Dekleva