New group

At this point I have this great wish to make tangible products and enjoy the manufacturing process as well as to work in a group, because I somehow find it more inspiring and joyful than doing it by myself. And after seeing the workshop at our department my wish just got bigger.I was thinking about creating a pop-up group. Since all of our class-mates come from such different backgrounds it would be a shame not to share and up-grade our experience and our knowledge: Elena is a graphic designer from Saint Petersburg, Sibel is a textile designer from Turkey, Eloisa is a fashion designer from Sao Paolo, Olga a graphic designer from Ukraine, Xi Yang an artist from Shanghai, Esin is a product designer from Ankara who just finished IED in Milan, Orestis an interior designer from Cyprus. When I shared my thoughts with the rest, everybody was interested so I called up a to discuss about our wishes. We decided to meet again this Wednesday after the Matilda/s lectures to discuss about the core idea-concept of the project that we can apply to our individual interests. I will be super happy if it works out.It would be great to have a pop-up group as a getaway project accompanying our theoretical writings. As a playful process of learning through making. And finally as an experimental future product and a necessary supplement for our official theoretically based design program.