Self-inspiration attempt n.1

I came to London to fall in love. To breathe the air of excitement and uncertainty at the same time. To be inspired and seduced.

So, it is almost 5 o'clock and my body is to nervous to sleep. The lectures and experiences that I have had so far are not exactly what I wanted or expected. Instead of the flirt I feel like I fell into a new serious relationship. With structured set of rules and a clear direction of motion.

At the moment I do not believe in ideas and systems trying to sit on my brains forcing me to accept an enclosed religion. We live in times where it is impossible to set up systems based on ideas. They have to grow out of the real life experiences, experiments, observations, tangible connections.

Old systems are now just a big empty frame who's picture run away and is now standing in front of us naked and cold. A big empty form and a seemingly invisible content coexisting at the same time and fighting for their votes. And all we can recognise is the old and smelly frame stalking us as a big phantom slowly but surely imploding into the forgotten land. But I think the content is always the same. At the end of the day we all want to feel loved and needed. So it is love and the feeling of purpose walking around us naked, begging us to put them a new coat. How will it look like?

I don't want to fight old systems with new a one. I think the answer is not hidden in a new continent nor the moon, and we won't find freedom in killing the natives to vomit our unrealised dreams into the erased land. We should see and accept what is around us. Find the guidelines and learn how to grasp the information we can not read anymore. I think we are living in exciting times trying to set up new rules and sensations for further generations to follow and rely upon them.

The night is slowly turning into a new day so it is time to make a contract with myself. I promise at this exact moment that I will constantly try to transform this rather vague form of a design course journey into something exciting and fulfilling. I am surrounded with super interesting classmates from different backgrounds from all over the world, a great workshop, the best roommates in the most culturally rich city in the world. I have access to the biggest library and other great universities, support from the tutors and the departement. I need to scope out the content from the frame and create something beautiful.