Each year on Bonfire night London organises fireworks all over the city. Me, Haruko, Jeanelle, Rhea and Heidi decided to find the nearest place to our house. It was a freezing night we put on some warm clothes and went to catch a bus towards Black Heath Hill. The busses were full of people having the same wish as us, so when the 3rd buss passed without stopping we decided to walk. We weren't alone. It felt nice marching towards a common goal with a bunch of strangers. How little do we need to come together … the hole city gets enchanted so easily by the fascination over the colourful lights having their fashionable moment in the night sky. When we came to the meadow the show started. I found myself watching the colourful sky trying to embody the fascination and by the same time desperately wanting to memorise the moment with a set of pictures. Being a bit annoyed, I decided to split the time of experience and duty so I can enjoy both. During the happening I started to think that I am becoming more excited by the idea of putting those pictures on Facebook or showing them to my friends that enjoying the actual moment. When I personalise the story I know I can make it more beautiful, I can add, copy, paste, transform, crop, skew ... And that is where my excitement found a new place to live. We walked back home filling a bit empty and cold.