International Lunch

Design Futures students have to prepare some traditional food from the places we come from. I always feel under pressure when I have to prepare something Slovenian outside Slovenia. The diversity of cultures and ecosystems does't help me with the decision. French have cheese, Chinese have dumplings, Italians pasta, German sausages ... what about us? What is our simple and savoury alternation?

At the end I decided to cook a dish that represents my family best. I chose to prepare ocvirkovca (a type of bread wrapped in coils like a turban and flecked with porky scratchings baked into it) that is a traditional dish from Idrija, a place my mother and my grand-mother come from. My grandmother used to make it with a special cabbage soup, when I was little. Originally wives would serve this kind of food to their beloved husbands comming home from a hard day in the silver mine.
As an accompanying dipping sauce I cooked ajvar, a very popular pepper sauce from the Balkans. It reminds me of my grandfather, step-father, Yugoslavia and happy summer picnics.

All the food students cooked was delicious.
So many tasty stories you can learn from only one lunch.