New Cross Commoners

I met Bianca, one of the start up engines of my new reading group, recently. While browsing through the design staff at Goldsmiths I bumped into her name and web page called Brave New Alps. Her on going phd work, concerning how to make alternative (non-affirmative) design practices and groups viable in contemporary capitalistic system, was really close to my own concerns, so I e-mailed her and we set up a date.

We drank a cup of ginger tea at student's bar Cafe Natura, while talking about design and politics, the necessity of engaged position alongside with design education and the attractive spark of radical alternatives. She introduced me her idea about setting up a commoning group in New Cross, which would open a new sharing space for all the locals who wanted to join. We would read texts concerning sharing, micro-politis, housing but also cook, make workshops, trips, body exercises and new friends.

I was super excited about having a group, meeting new people and learning about the area where I live, but know so little about it. I joined in.