Community Garden

Last Saturday my new commoning group went to visit a community garden not far from the New Cross area. The garden belongs the the project called Burges Food Project and is organised by the local community of volunteers.
It was a cloudy morning when I arrived to the location, a messy-with-a-lot-of-thought garden. The group of New Cross commoners were introduced to basic principles of permaculture, about the inputs and outputs in the garden which can be applicable to the way we live and function in the society too. Water provides growth. Making a common space provides new communities, friendships, knowledge. After the lecture our work force helped to water the plants, clean up dry branches and instal the community board. It was a nice feeling, working with hands under the sky, after a while of living a digital and concrete life.
We all brought some food for pizza and toasts and we tested the open oven made out of mud and hay. Food didn't taste that good for such a long time. When I came home I felt so happy.