Ramia Mazé

Design researcher and educator Ramia Mazé came to visit Design Futures this Tuesday afternoon. It was one of the lectures I was so excited to see. I got to know her work through her book called DESIGN ACT: Socially and Politically Engaged Design Today––Critical Roles and Emerging Tactics, a collection of inspiring works and frameworks from various designers and architects.

Her talk was great. She was speaking about social innovation throught her projects and models from a very fresh and common-sense perspective.

'Design as a practice of amplifying, mapping and scaling (Ezio Manzini school of thought) is moving from material change to social change by making new connections between existing things. Social innovation explores and intervenes on the level of lifestyles. They build up social practices that can be considered as a living organism involving dynamic relations among ‘stuff’, images (ideals and conventions) and ‘skills’ (know-how, knowledge) (Social Practices Model). Everyday practices, objects or images have the potential to generate important information and understanding of our contemporary norms and values ...'